Book Larder Haul

I recently learned about a book store in Seattle dedicated to cookbooks! It’s called Book Larder, and they also offer author events and cooking classes. Due to the pandemic, in-store visits are by appointment and events are online. I look forward to when things are a little more normal to actually visit the store. Until then, I can at least support them through online shopping.

I checked out the magazine category first and FOOL Magazine immediately caught my eye, as the topic was Japan. It’s the most expensive item of my order. But it is gorgeous. This is half art book, half magazine. I wasn’t expecting a hardbound book. The quality and the fact it’s an import makes the price more reasonable. I can’t wait to really dive into this later on.

Serious Eater is about freelance food writer Ed Levin trying to create his own successful publication via a blog. As food is what I want to focus mostly on my blog, this immediately caught my eye. Having never heard of the blog until now, I took a quick look. The personal essays, product recs, and dining guides are the sections I’m most interested in. I may not be familiar with the site, but this will still be an interesting read.

I really want to improve the photos I take for the blog. Online tutorials are great, but I prefer a physical book I can flip through. It covers everything from equipment to editing. Photography has been a hobby that I have been dabbling on and off since I was a kid, but haven’t taken too seriously. As I would like my blog to become more professional, learning to take great photos will only help with that goal. It’s a lot of information to take in and to practice, but will be worth it in the long run.

I happy with my order which only took a week to get here. There are so many more books the store has to offer that I want to get. I really hope they’re able to make it until business is able to go back to ‘normal’. What cookbook or food writing should I check out next? Leave suggestions down below!