Getting Ahead of Christmas Shopping

So, we’re just about 172 days or so til Christmas, and I’m already getting a jump start on gift buying. I’m starting even earlier than I did last year – we had our cruise last November and I wanted to make sure the majority of my shopping was done before hand. And my family keeps sending wish list ideas later as the years go by, so my attitude is I’ll buy what I think is fun and hope that they like what I find.

Back in April, I mentioned that a holiday fund was one of my saving goals in 2020. I want to be able to splurge on gifts this year, since 2020 has been incredibly rough on everyone. Not having to carve out a significant part of my income during the holidays for gifts leaves room for more savings. I was still able to save about $600 by June.

However, I’m constantly rearranging my financial priorities, so towards the end of June, I switched to a 12-week saving plan. I’ll be saving an additional $1000. This money is also to cover decorations, holiday shows, and any other splurges that comes with the holiday season. I would like to think that $1600 would cover all of that. Even better, I would have some left over to put towards a new goal.

Christmas is when we go a little nuts with gift giving – birthdays are very low key because of this. Due to my financial situation, I haven’t been able to go ‘big’ with gift giving the last couple of years. Saving up and finishing before the mad rush of holiday shopping seemed the smart way to go. I know gifts are not the point of Christmas, it’s such a fun part of the holiday.

It’s actually been a lot of fun finding things already. I’ve been mostly sharing what I’ve found with my mom, getting her opinion on gifts for my sisters and my dad. And knowing I already have the money set aside to buy things is a relief. It seems every year it gets harder to shop for family since they mostly are happy with whatever they receive. I’m really doing this more for my peace of mind. I work retail, and not having to worry about shopping during the most stressful time of the year at work is a major plus.

Anyone else get a ridiculously early start to their holiday plans? It’ll definitely be a very different holiday season due to the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it to the fullest.