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Grilled Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

When nothing in the fridge appeals but I know I have to eat something, I usually make a grilled cheese. It’s quick, simple, and surprisingly filling. I thought it would be a nice change in pace to take it up a notch and add some extras to my usually go-to sandwich. And my first thought was to make a breakfast sandwich version.

The Ingredients

Ingredients for breakfast-style grilled cheese

Bread – A sourdough style sliced bread. It’s more dense than just regular white bread, and I thought it would hold together better.

Cheese – Beecher’s Flagship. I’ve had it before and remember enjoying it, so I splurged and got a block. Not something I would do often because it cost a little over $9 (I can’t remember how many ounces I got). Beecher’s website describes it as ‘a semi-hard cow’s milk cheese with a uniquely robust, nutty flavor‘. Tasting it, it is at first mellow and sweet but the flavor builds and has a strong cheddar finish.

Protein – Two types: a fried egg and capicola. I went with capicola for something different than bacon or sausage.

The Cooking Process

I started with frying the egg. Couldn’t find the mini fry pan that we have, so I used the smallest one I could find. I used a little too much butter, but it seemed to help in making sure it didn’t stick to the pan. Trying to flip a fried egg is also a test of patience – if I had a fish spatula, it would probably be an easier experience. The yolk didn’t break, so I considered the whole thing a success. After a few moments after flipping, I set it aside on a plate and soaked up the excess butter from the pan.

I had buttered the bread while the egg cooked, but only on one side. I know some people butter both sides but I feel that is excessive. Typically, I build the sandwich in the pan. However, with the pan still warm and taking pictures, I didn’t want it to throw off how even the sandwich would cook. A few slices of cheese as a base, followed by the capicola, then the egg, then an extra slice of cheese. After grilling, I let it sit for a moment, so that when I cut into it, it wouldn’t just come oozing out.

A tip for a perfect toasting on your grilled cheese: start on low heat. The low temperature gives enough heat to melt the cheese but is very slow to toast. I then increase the heat and toast it to my preference. The second side doesn’t take as long, but is more prone to burning if you don’t lower the heat after flipping.

The Results

Overall, the sandwich turned out better than expected. The capicola gives it just a touch of heat and pairs very well with the egg. The cheese wasn’t as prominent as I thought it would be, which was surprising considering how much I used. It was a heavier meal than I usually eat for my first meal, but very satisfying.

What I Would Do Differently

The fried egg turned out to be over easy, so I would cook it just a bit longer. I prefer the yolk to be firm but not completely cooked. I also would probably cut the capicola slices in half, and have two layers with the egg between them. Each time I took a bite with the it, the entire slice would come out. Not sure if pre-cutting would stop that, but it’s something to try next time. I might also try a sharp cheddar, so I could at least taste the cheese with each bite.

Making this grilled cheese makes me want to experiment more with fillings. The combinations are endless. Do you prefer something simple or complex when it comes to sandwiches? Let me know what you would use!