Let’s Catch Up – Feeling Low and Amazing Takeout

The new year has already been a whirlwind of emotion. After a very relaxing Christmas and New Year, I finally had to go back to work. That first shift back made me realize how much I really want to get out of this job. I still like my job, but I think I’ve hit my limit for retail. With that in mind, I decided to sign up for certification course for wedding/event planning.

Within the first week, I came to realize that this course was not for me. That the services I would like to provide lie in product and design, rather than planning and organization. I was able to get my money refunded, but the whole process gave me some anxiety. On top of that, while it helped me to focus on future business goals, it also made me feel like I once again failed something.

So the year didn’t start off smoothly. And with the negative and anxiety inducing feelings that I was swimming in, I was not excited looking forward to my birthday. I worked on my actual birthday, so the family celebration occurred during the weekend. Very relaxing, and I received some great gifts. But when you feel like you’re not accomplishing much, it’s hard to get excited about being a year older.

On a positive note, I was able to hang out with a couple of friends (safely). We ended up driving down to Portland for takeout. We had pre-ordered some drinks from Hale Pele, but we also grabbed some food from The Bulgogi. I highly recommend it if you’re ever in the area. The bulgogi fries are incredible – perfectly cooked bulgogi beef on cheese covered fries with a tangy-sweet sauce. Extremely generous portion for the price ($7). The du kuh bee noodles were also fantastic.

I’m trying to be more positive for February. I’m learning my mood really affects my ability to write, so findings way to pick myself up mentally is something I need to work on. Hours are essentially non-existent at work for a couple of weeks, so I want to take advantage of that to focus on my blog.

How is the new year going for everyone?