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Month In Review – August 2020

Well, we’ve made it through another month in this hellish year. There’s still so much going on, and while I make sure to watch the news to keep up with it, it can still be overwhelming at times. But I’m still healthy, with a job, so I don’t feel like I can complain to much.

Nothing too exciting, though it was nice to hang out with a friend for a day. It feels like I didn’t really accomplish much in August, though I could say that for the entire year.

Proud that…

I made the final payment on my federal school loans! With the national forbearance in place, I could have waited a little bit longer, but I’m happy to be done with it. Though I am a little worried that this will have a negative impact on my credit score.

I also was able to keep track of all my spending this month. I’m really terrible at keeping a physical record of my spending, mostly keeping a mental record of where the money goes. Hoping I’ll be able to keep this up from now on.

For next month…

I’ve made plans with a friend to go on a food adventure a few weekends from now. I’m going to attempt to vlog it. I would love to start putting up videos but I’ve been too nervous to go through with it.

Lately, I’ve been thinking on the pros and cons of moving back to SoCal. It wouldn’t be for a while yet, but maybe making a concrete plan might kickstart some motivation in me. I’m in a better place financially than when I first moved down, so I think it would turn out better this second time around. But I just don’t know if it would be the right decision.

Is everyone looking forward to the start of fall? I’m really looking forward to the cooler weather.