Month in Review: October 2020

I’m very proud that I was able to get a post out every week in October! While writing is still not the easiest, I try to get some done every day. Consistency is something I need to work on, but I’m more focused on being happy with my writing than anything else at the moment.

Halfway through the month I did something to my back during work. Not sure if it was a pinched nerve or a pulled muscle, but it was excruciating. Bending, sitting, even walking was painful. I’ve been feeling better though I can aggravate at times. I always knew retail was going to kill me eventually.

Manga Catchup

I decided to cancel my subscription to Manga Spice Cafe for the moment, as I feel that the money could be spent better. It is a subscription worth trying if you like manga and want to explore a variety of genres. I’ve been very behind on actually reading the manga I’ve received, so on weekend mornings, I would read one or two them.

The one I was most looking forward to reading was Weathering With You. I was very disappointed that I was unable to see the movie in theaters, so I was excited that this was one of the titles included. Jack Flash was another title I knew I would enjoy because it’s a spinoff of a series I love. The only one that I didn’t really like was Rent A Girlfriend and that was down to the male protagonist

While I did decide to cancel my subscription, I do think I’ll sign up again at some point. I’ve kept about a third of the titles that have been sent, and enjoyed the rest for what they were. While I don’t feel like I’ve wasted my money, I think it’s better to spend the money on the titles I do like for the moment.

For November

While I’m not doing Blogmas in it’s entirety, I do want to challenge myself to posting three times a week in December. I’ve planned out my posts for the month, so November is my prep month. I want 3 posts a week to be the blogs future schedule, so this will be a practice run. I also want to figure out which social media outlet works best for me.

Christmas is just around the corner! The holidays always seem to be the positive time of the year, which I hope holds true this year. We could all use some hope and good cheer after everything has happened.