Month in Review – September 2020

It’s been a rough month, to be honest. I’ve increased my job and apartment searching the last few weeks. But it’s been depressing to realize that even with a full time job, I still probably won’t be able to live on my own. So I’ve been in an increasingly negative mood each day. My blog has been my escape, and I’m getting into the habit of writing everyday, even if it’s just a few sentences.

Our skies are clear again after dealing with the crazy amount of smoke in the area due to the fires happening. The haze did cause my friend and I to cancel our food adventure. But it was probably for the best as I’m not sure how safe it would have been to drive. Instead, we had an afternoon of movies at my place, which was just as fun.

Thrift Find

We have a family tradition of going out to our favorite teahouse on Christmas Eve. Because of the pandemic, even if they were doing dine-in, we don’t plan on going this year. Instead, we are going to do tea at home. I have taken this as an opportunity to buy things to dress up the table. I’ve already purchased plates that are red with gold stars, so my color scheme is red, gold, and white.

Since I don’t feel comfortable going to a thrift store at the moment, I took to Etsy to see if I could find a creamer and sugar bowl. And I scored big. I discovered the manufacturer New Martinsville and their Radiance pattern in red. The first seller I found was selling the creamer, sugar bowl, and a trio of cups with saucers. I was able to find a different seller, who also had the same pieces, but at better prices. I was also more inclined to trust the second seller as they were much more thorough in showing various pictures of the items.

Everything arrived safely and the condition of the pieces are fantastic. I prefer to see glassware in person when I’m thrifting, but I got very lucky this time. My new goal for thrifting is to hunt down every piece of this pattern in this color.

For this month…

Even though my usual Halloween plans won’t be happening this year, I am looking forward to the holiday. My friends will be coming over for a spooky movie marathon, which of course means lots of eating as well. I’m hoping the new ramen place that’s opening close by will be opened for us to do take out.

To be honest, I feel that we should already be in November. Christmas has started to go up. We’ve started to sell trees and they’re very focused on DIY ornaments this year. Usually Christmas goes out mid-October, but we got very little Halloween decor this year compared to previous years. Every year I worry that I won’t enjoy the holidays because of my retail job, but that hasn’t come to pass so far.

Do you have any plans for Halloween?