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moonshot Tintfit Shine 503

I am always on the lookout for lip tints that have a glossy finish. I think they tend to be more comfortable to wear and I like the look of gloss over matte. So, I decided to give this moonshot tint a try, which is also my first moonshot product.

I like the packaging, with the shimmery white fading towards the bottom so you can see the color of the tint. I do think the color of the text on the tube was a different color or a darker shade of silver, but it’s not a big deal. The doe foot applicator has a very pointed tip so you can do very detailed shaping, and dips in the middle so you get more product than a typical doe foot. I would almost say you could get away with just one pull from the tube, but you may need to dip back for just the tiniest bit of product if you want some more coverage.

While applying, it feels watery and spreads very easily. When you rub your lips together, it has an almost gel-like consistency. Feathering is almost nonexistent, which I’m very surprised at – a major positive. Has a nice smooth shine that lasts a couple of hours. The corners of the mouth fade a bit quickly, and depending on what you’re eating will determine the level of color left depend. But beyond that, the color will still be patchy. If you use a straw for drinks, it holds up fairly well.

There are 5 shades available, and I went with my go-to color, red, in shade 503 Mellow Rose. It is very aptly named. Unlike a typically MLBB rose, this is a muted red (though I don’t think that is reflected well in photos). If you’re scared of bright reds this is a good choice.

I do quite like this tint – it’s comfortable to wear and easy to apply. If you prefer a very long lasting tint without the need to reapply, this is not the tint for you. It’s a good option if you want color and shine without the thickness of a gloss. I like it enough to consider getting the other 4 shades, or at least the coral and berry shades.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
Wearing the tint while writing this post