We are nearing the end of the weirdest year I, and most people, have ever experienced. For everything that has happened, my day to day routine didn’t really change at all. It’s understandable but still disappointing that anything fun I had planned for this year was cancelled. With life essentially at a stand still, it hit me the other day how dissatisfied I am with my life.

I’ve come to realize just how much I let fear guide my actions. Constantly letting the what-if’s and worries of not getting better at a skill stop me from really going for what I want. I would love to see this blog grow and eventually become a freelancer. I have a lot of ideas beyond the blog but I’m so scared of failing that I can’t even bring myself to start them.

Going into the new year, I want to be more fearless. I want to have the courage to launch the projects I have in mind. To reach the goal of not having to work retail next holiday season. To have faith in myself that I can achieve my dreams. Being more positive may be my biggest struggle. My mindset is the first thing I need to work on. I also think it will be the hardest thing I have do to. I’m not afraid of hard work, but letting go of my insecurities will not be easy.

So, here’s to letting go of fears and making the most of 2021!