Seasonal Ambience – A Candle Haul

The only time I actually use candles is during the fall and winter. It just seems the most appropriate time to burn them. I especially love to burn them during the early morning, when the sun hasn’t even risen. I love the soft glow a candle gives to the room during that time.

Since I only use candles for later part of the year, I don’t buy any during spring/summer. I really should since I much prefer fruity scents, which are more popular during those times. Fall/winter releases are typically not my favorite because they tend to be overwhelmingly gourmand. But there is always a gem to be found if you can weed through all the pumpkin spice thrown at you.


I first browsed Etsy to see what I could find. I would rather support a small business and artisan brands rather than the likes of Yankee Candles and Bath & Body Works. No offense to those who like those brands! After finding a few shops that caught my eye, I ultimately chose to try out BriarWick.

BriarWick sells handmade soy candles based on literature and fantasy themes. I chose two seasonal scents, Ghost Stories and Sorcery, and two regular offerings, Labyrinth and Goblin Fruit. Goblin Fruit I got as an 8oz jar, while the others are in 4oz tins.

On first impressions, Labyrinth is my top favorite. It is such a perfect peach candy scent, I adore it. Goblin Fruit is another fruity candy scent, though it’s difficult to discern between apple, peach, and apricot. It reminds me of a specific candy, though I can’t think of the name.

Ghost Stories is a sugary sweet marshmallow scent, dampened by wood and smoke. The marshmallow made me wary but the overall combination of notes sounded interesting. While it’s burning, the marshmallow is thankfully much more mellow, but it’s not much beyond a sweet scent.

Sorcery is a very fall scent – it’s woodsy with a touch of coolness. I could swear there’s some spice in it, but that just might be because of the woods used. Out of all the seasonal candles I got, this is the most general fall scent.

Mythologie Candles

I discovered Mythologie Candles through Instagram ads. The aesthetic really grabbed my attention, along with the packaging. Another fantasy-inspired brand, the founder is also an independent artist who produces Celtic/fantasy inspired metal music.

From the Mystical Autumn collection, I chose Stonehenge at Dusk (10oz) and The Dark Hedges (2oz). The 10oz jar also comes with a wood wick, which will be the first candle I’ve ever had with this style of wick.

Stonehenge at Dusk is both a warm and cool scent. The amber gives it a heady base, though the pine and eucalyptus are very much in the forefront, the raspberry bringing it a brightness to it. When lit, the pine and eucalyptus fades back, and the amber is the most dominant with a tart kick from the raspberry. You get a constant crackling sound thanks to the wick, so those of you who like ASMR would probably enjoy this style of candle. The notes are both contrasting but complimentary, so this is one of the more unique scents I’ve encountered.

I am sad that Dark Hedges has sold out, as now that I know what it’s like, I would have liked to purchase the larger jar. The moss and frost notes had me thinking it would be a ‘green’ scent, but not necessarily herbal. It’s not a scent I would normally choose based off the notes listed, but I liked the imagery the mood of the candle described. It’s hard to describe the scent, but I do feel like I could be walking at night in a dark woods. It also gives me holiday vibes, so I’ll be saving to burn this during Christmas.

Final Thoughts

I’ve only had a chance to try out two of the candles, but I’m pleased with my choices. I admit, I’m more impressed with the scents from Mythologie Candles. But the pricing of BriarWick is a little more budget friendly and they have a larger catalog available. I do plan on buying from both shops again in the future.

What do you look for in a candle? Would love to get some recommendations for smaller known brands.