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Setting Goals for 2021

It’s the start of the new year, and that means it’s time to set some goals! For 2020, I had created a list of 20 things to do in the year. It was ambitious and completely derailed by everything that happened. This year, I’m trying to keep it simple but targeted.


Get back to pink – Pink was a signature color for me for several years when I was younger. It’s a color that makes me extremely happy and I miss it being a part of my daily wardrobe. So, I’m looking to revamp my wardrobe with some pink in the new year.

Pick up/return to a hobby – I really miss doing the crafty stuff. Sewing and knitting were my two biggest hobbies that I haven’t done anything with for a couple of years now. I especially miss that feeling of accomplishment I got when I finished a sewing project and was able to wear it. So, I would love to get back into sewing, though that would require buying a new sewing machine. Or to try out something new like resin art.


To be honest, I had a hard time trying to think of goals for this category. I was able to get out of consumer debt in 2019, and 2020 saw me paying off my college loans. So I have a little more freedom with my money now. However, with serious savings goals and a limited income, I still feel rather restricted. So with that in mind:

Increase income – This has to be my top priority. Increasing my income will allow me more opportunities to move forward with long term plans. Choosing what I can spend and save would also become easier. I’m hoping to accomplish this through freelancing, but we’ll see what happens.

Start saving for retirement – Retirement savings has been something I’ve put off for a while. Paying off debt and building an emergency fund took priority. Since those tasks have been accomplished, it’s time to think long term. I really need to research which saving options would be best suited for me when it comes to retirement.


I could probably do an entire post on my blogging goals. But I’ll just be sharing the ones that I feel will be the most beneficial to me. While I do have a follower goal I would like to reach, I’m focused on improving my writing and my photography before focusing on the numbers.

Consistently post at least 2 times a week – I mentioned back in my October monthly review, that my ideal for my blog is to post 3 times a week. While that is still the ideal, posting twice a week is probably going to be the norm. Planning will be key in meeting this goal. Finding what planning method works best for me will probably take some trail and error, but necessary.

Master Pinterest – Of the social media platforms, I think Pinterest will be the most useful to me. And while I stumble along, I feel getting an e-course will be my best plan of action to accomplish this.

Invest in the blog – I need to become comfortable with the idea of spending money on the blog. Whether it’s to purchase something to review, equipment for photography, or a course to improve a skill. I need to stop thinking that I could potentially be wasting money, but instead frame it as a necessity for growth.

Let’s go 2021!

What are you looking to accomplish in the new year?