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Suggestions for An Easier Thanksgiving

It’s just a little over two weeks until Turkey Day, and my family still hasn’t decided what we’re doing for dinner. Needless to say, with the pandemic, this hasn’t been an easy Thanksgiving to plan for. The last thing anyone needs right now is more stress, so a casual holiday meal is rather appealing. So I thought I would share some ideas for those of you planning on skipping a more traditional Thanksgiving this year.

Focus On Your Favorite Sides

It seems like the side dishes are always the star of the holiday meal. There are certain dishes we only make during holidays or special occasions. If you’d prefer to spend time enjoying the holiday instead of languishing in the kitchen, choose what to focus on. With some exceptions, a lot of sides are quick to put together. You could also do as much prep the night before, and do the cooking the next day.

Simple Food, Fancy Dinnerware

Even if you don’t go all out on cooking, you can still have fun dressing up your table. Growing up, we would always use the nice china for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. Part of the fun of the holidays is putting the extra effort in décor and presentation. Just because the food might not be beyond the ordinary, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate in style.


While this might not be an option this year, doing a potluck for a future Thanksgiving is something to consider. Not everyone has a family to spend the holiday with, or they also choose to celebrate Friendsgiving. Doing a potluck so that everyone chips in on the meal can make the day a little less stressful. This could be another option for families who do not have to travel extensively for the get together, and it’s less pressure for the host to have to do everything themselves.

It’s All About Being Together

No matter how you choose to celebrate, Thanksgiving is about gathering with loved ones and being grateful for the good in your lives. For me, I’m relieved that everyone in my life is healthy and that we’ve made it this far in the pandemic. If nothing else, this year has really highlighted that celebrating and enjoying the little things is important. So whether you’re celebration is large or small, I hope all of you are safe and able to enjoy the holiday.