What I’ve Learned From Bullet Journaling

I’ve been using a bullet journal since November of last year and I’ve enjoyed it. However, I hardly plan and the layouts are so minimal that I’m not sure I can call it a bujo? I have learned a lot more about what I personally need/want from a planner, and I thought I would share my observations today.

  • Currently, I only have a need for a monthly layout. I have nothing to do outside of work, so there is no pressing need to plan my week out.
  • I really love aesthetic/artistic bujos, but can’t do it myself. Drawing/painting is far from my skill set, and while practice makes perfect, I know that I would want something to look nice if I was going to enjoy it. If I want a ‘pretty’ planner, I’ll probably need to go with a Happy Planner or Erin Condren for decorative options.
  • Beyond a monthly layout, I use my bujo mostly for financial purposes. I haven’t figured out a good layout yet, but I’ve been searching for ideas.
  • Habit trackers seem like a great idea, but I generally keep up with them for half of the month before I stop using them. I might give them another try when I start up a new journal.
  • I also use my bujo to write down thoughts on products I’m testing or reactions to a cocktail/recipe I’ve tried.
  • Watching monthly setups has made me want to give watercolors a try.

Instagram has been my go-to source for inspiration and I’ve been trying to see what Pinterest has to offer. I’m nowhere near being finished with my current journal, but I ordered the Good Luck journal from Compoco. I’ve also been eyeing the Blackout notebook from Archer & Olive as well. I consider having two separate journals, but I don’t know if that would be a waste. One would be for traditional planning and jotting down thoughts and the other would focus entirely on finances.

Have any favorite ideas for layouts/spreads? I would love to see them!